Monday, November 27, 2017

OOCORP News: Wife Stabbed Her Husband To Death in Abuja




Wonders shall indeed never end in Nigeria. When the sad story of the killer Maryam Sanda went virile online and across the nation, and considering the gravity of her alleged offense and the need to show strong example to others, Nigerians including DESERT HERALD are convinced that her case will not only be treated with sincerity and dispatch but will be transparent without the usual corrupt conduct that characterize the practice of a typical institution called the Nigerian Police Force. But DESERT HERALD was astonished when it received a very disturbing, credible and privileged information from a high ranking Police officer that did not authorised us to reveal his name.

Our female undercover reporter that luckily happens to know some family members of Maryam was promptly recruited to do the findings for us as well as try to get any useful evidence so that it will be a weapon in case should the police denied our claims. Her job was also to verify for us the disturbing information we earlier got from our police officer source. Our undercover reporter did an excellent investigative journalism including recording their interactions with the killer Maryam. She was lucky to be part of the family members of Maryam that visited her on Wednesday, 22nd November, 2019. What she discovered was so embarrassing to a nation under a government that promises change. In Nigeria and even in the case of murderers there is still different law and treatment for those that can offer huge gratification and those that cannot. The gravity of the offense one committed notwithstanding.

To the surprise of our undercover reporter, a suspected killer of her husband was the only one in her executive 'cell' while other suspects can be seen in a highly contaminated cell that one cannot even eat inside. Typical of Nigerian Police cells, that of Maryam is like a comfort of her home. Maryam was making phone calls throughout the period of their visit. Some of her conservation during her many phone call was recorded by our reporter. Maryam was so confident that she will soon be out and that her rich and morally bankrupt mother has gave her every assurances. As a young lady that spent such years with her husband, Maryam is not looking remorseful at all for losing and killing her supposed husband. She told her visitors which was also recorded that "just because they said i killed him they are writing nonsense about me", which suggest that despite being in so called detention she is active online and monitoring peoples comment. She also told her visitors that there is no evidence and that no evidence can be found that can be accepted in a law court to proof that she killed her husband. Our undercover reporter revealed that as long as visitors are from her family, close friends or from her rich mother, Maryam did not have restrictions or any limit to visitors per day. She is being treated as a VIP suspect.

From the so called cell, our reporter followed her colleagues to the residence of Maimuna Aliyu, the rich mother of Maryam supposedly to commensurate with her for what happened to her daughter NOT on a condolence visit to mourn Ibrahim. Some of their interactions with Maimuna was also on audio. Throughout the short visit, the rich Maimuna did not for once lament or mourn the murder of her daughter's husband, the poor Ibrahim. She is also not remorseful at all about her daughter's act nor did she condemned her daughter for daring to kill an innocent soul. In fact, Maimuna said repeatedly that even if it will require her hiring a lawyer from the United States to defend her killer daughter, she is ready to do so insisting at every interval that her daughter will never be prosecuted as long as she is alive. At a point, she even point to a wrist watch in her hand and said "don't you see this is a diamond watch? Whatever that is needed to defend my daughter it will be done. And so what if she kills him", she queried.

Our police officer source has confided in this paper that Maimuna has gave certain police officers that are influential in determining the case an initial N5million with a promised to give more depending on the conduct of the police and the prosecution team that will be assign to prosecute the case. The charges that will be brought by the Police against Maryam and how the police prosecution team will handle the case at the court that is if Maryam will at all be arraigned will determine the strength and veracity of this report while at the appropriate time and depending on how justice is being pursued by the authorities, DESERT HERALD will release the two recorded audios for Nigerians to judge.

But there are some nagging questions that are still unanswered and remains confusing to those that can read between the lines. Why is the family of the deceased precisely his influential father, Bello Halliru Mohammed silent despite being aware about the moves and intrigues by the likes of Maryam's mother to frustrate the case and to ensure that there is no justice? Why is Ibrahim's parent silent despite knowing very well that Maryam and including her mother are not remorseful at all nor are they mourning the demise of their child? All this information are open secret to all the family members of Halliru and Maimuna, the mother of the killer. Certainly, Dr. Bello Halliru should be learned enough Islamic wise to know that NOBODY not even him as the father of the deceased or his wife, the mother of Iate Ibrahim has the power to forgive a deliberate and well intended murder. Allah has already taken decision about those that engages in such acts in the holy Qur'an. The police should also beware that anybody that conspired deliberately to prevent justice in a clear case of murder because of money that will terminate in this temporary world will certainly meet the wrath of Allah in this world and hereafter. One wonders the type of excuse that will be given for a murderer that stabbed her husband three times and went ahead to inflict severe cuts on his private parts. Is the excuse of acting under the influence of drugs tenable in our corrupt justice system? In Nigeria everything is possible!

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