Friday, October 19, 2018

How Canada's Legalization of Marijuana Could Impact Tourism

Canada officially legalized recreational marijuana on Tuesday. According to BBC News, the first recreational cannabis to be legally bought in Canada was purchased at midnight on Wednesday on the eastern island of Newfoundland. “With the growing trend of more, and more states and countries legalizing weed,” Ride the Wave on Next BILLION Dollar Industry and Unparalleled Business Opportunity. Sign up for FREE here Start building your own CTFO team with our new line of CBD products and lifetime of Residual Income. Read more...OOCORP HealthCare Blog: ...Information About Holistic Healthcare

Friday, August 31, 2018

Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD) Market Demand Has Skyrocketed To An Estimated Retail Value of $688 Million in United States

Just as the marijuana industry has exploded in recent years, so too has a sector that revolves around the plant’s non-psychoactive cousin: hemp.

In particular, demand for hemp-based Cannabidiol has skyrocketed, especially since a 2013 CNN report about the success in Colorado of Charlotte’s Web, a CBD product that helped a young epileptic girl control her seizures.

That success and the resulting demand across the nation for more CBD-based health products helped give birth to a new industry that parallels the larger cannabis market.

Hemp-based Cannabidiol products, unlike CBD-heavy marijuana strains, also can be legally ordered on the internet and shipped across state lines, further fueling growth.

“The sales just continued to grow week after week,” Quinatzin De La Torre, president of Bluebird Botanicals, said about the business climate after the company’s launch in 2013. “It seemed like we were hiring a new person every week just to keep up with the pace of growth.”

The hemp CBD market has reached an estimated retail value of $688 million in the United States alone, according to a 2017 market estimate by the Hemp Business Journal. A spokesman for Vote Hemp also estimated there are likely 50-100 hemp cannabidiol brands, along with hundreds more growers and processors that focus on hemp-based CBD.

Part of the reason for the massive growth is that many businesses find it’s easier to simply purchase wholesale CBD extracts from another company that’s taken care of the growing and extraction process, and then re-bottle oils and tinctures with their own brand. The practice is called “white labeling”. “There’s only a couple suppliers that really make organically grown CBD in the country, and there are hundreds of distributors. Most people won’t tell you that, because they’re not growing their own hemp.”

Along with the growing presence of hemp-based CBD companies come increased profits. Not only that, but the market for American hemp products – unlike that of marijuana – is global.

Barriers to cannabis-related research in the United States have kept hemp-based CBD products and others from making specific claims to health benefits, since there’s a dearth of solid scientific evidence to back up any benefits from CBD or other cannabinoids found in either hemp or marijuana. But many in the hemp business believe that’s going to change.

Currently, a bill co-sponsored by both Dem and GOP leaders is in front of Congress which paves the way for further development of Hemp industry growth in the US.

“Our primary focus right now is to identify sort of that sweet spot where we believe the industry is headed, which is somewhere between a heavily regulated FDA nutraceutical company, and a sub-pharmaceutical company,” said Elixinol’s Ettenson.

Some companies already are obtaining their hemp from Colorado and Kentucky instead of from Europe, Canada or China (three of the major international hemp producers), and that’s likely to keep growing.

Hemp also presents a big opportunity for those in the agricultural industry whose crops may not be getting as large a price at market as they once did. That’s the situation in Kentucky, a deep red conservative state that has embraced the resurgence of hemp.

Such acceptance will have ripple effects for the larger cannabis economy, as well as for even more ancillary businesses, Titus said. So there you have it. An exciting overview of what is to come, and where we are today in the industry. Read more...OOCORP HealthCare Blog

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Friday, December 15, 2017

OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation Blog: Commentary on The Poposed Non-Governmental Organis...

None of the persons who appeared before Nigerian lawmakers on Wednesday expressed support for the bill to regulate non-governmental organisations, NGOS.

A public hearing on the bill was held at by the House of Representatives at the National Assembly complex in Abuja.

At the hearing, all the attendees, including a Catholic cleric, Matthew Kukah, and a former lawmaker, Abdul Oroh, opposed the bill.

Speaking against the bill, Mr. Kukah stressed that without civil societies, democracy would be in danger.

“I stand with civil societies very firmly,” he said.

“The greatest benefit for us in a democracy is freedom.”

He said Nigeria already has enough laws to cover almost every dimension of its citizen’s life.

“We have other institutions that are literally malfunctioning and unable to deliver services”

He however hoped that the National Assembly would take seriously the arguments of various CSOs presented at the public hearing. Read more...  OlayinkaOyelamiFoundation Blog: Commentary on The Poposed Non-Governmental Organis...: The most topical issue among civil society organisations in Nigeria today is the proposed Non-Governmental Organisation Regulatory Commissi...

Monday, November 27, 2017

OOCORP News: Wife Stabbed Her Husband To Death in Abuja




Wonders shall indeed never end in Nigeria. When the sad story of the killer Maryam Sanda went virile online and across the nation, and considering the gravity of her alleged offense and the need to show strong example to others, Nigerians including DESERT HERALD are convinced that her case will not only be treated with sincerity and dispatch but will be transparent without the usual corrupt conduct that characterize the practice of a typical institution called the Nigerian Police Force. But DESERT HERALD was astonished when it received a very disturbing, credible and privileged information from a high ranking Police officer that did not authorised us to reveal his name.

Our female undercover reporter that luckily happens to know some family members of Maryam was promptly recruited to do the findings for us as well as try to get any useful evidence so that it will be a weapon in case should the police denied our claims. Her job was also to verify for us the disturbing information we earlier got from our police officer source. Our undercover reporter did an excellent investigative journalism including recording their interactions with the killer Maryam. She was lucky to be part of the family members of Maryam that visited her on Wednesday, 22nd November, 2019. What she discovered was so embarrassing to a nation under a government that promises change. In Nigeria and even in the case of murderers there is still different law and treatment for those that can offer huge gratification and those that cannot. The gravity of the offense one committed notwithstanding.

To the surprise of our undercover reporter, a suspected killer of her husband was the only one in her executive 'cell' while other suspects can be seen in a highly contaminated cell that one cannot even eat inside. Typical of Nigerian Police cells, that of Maryam is like a comfort of her home. Maryam was making phone calls throughout the period of their visit. Some of her conservation during her many phone call was recorded by our reporter. Maryam was so confident that she will soon be out and that her rich and morally bankrupt mother has gave her every assurances. As a young lady that spent such years with her husband, Maryam is not looking remorseful at all for losing and killing her supposed husband. She told her visitors which was also recorded that "just because they said i killed him they are writing nonsense about me", which suggest that despite being in so called detention she is active online and monitoring peoples comment. She also told her visitors that there is no evidence and that no evidence can be found that can be accepted in a law court to proof that she killed her husband. Our undercover reporter revealed that as long as visitors are from her family, close friends or from her rich mother, Maryam did not have restrictions or any limit to visitors per day. She is being treated as a VIP suspect.

From the so called cell, our reporter followed her colleagues to the residence of Maimuna Aliyu, the rich mother of Maryam supposedly to commensurate with her for what happened to her daughter NOT on a condolence visit to mourn Ibrahim. Some of their interactions with Maimuna was also on audio. Throughout the short visit, the rich Maimuna did not for once lament or mourn the murder of her daughter's husband, the poor Ibrahim. She is also not remorseful at all about her daughter's act nor did she condemned her daughter for daring to kill an innocent soul. In fact, Maimuna said repeatedly that even if it will require her hiring a lawyer from the United States to defend her killer daughter, she is ready to do so insisting at every interval that her daughter will never be prosecuted as long as she is alive. At a point, she even point to a wrist watch in her hand and said "don't you see this is a diamond watch? Whatever that is needed to defend my daughter it will be done. And so what if she kills him", she queried.

Our police officer source has confided in this paper that Maimuna has gave certain police officers that are influential in determining the case an initial N5million with a promised to give more depending on the conduct of the police and the prosecution team that will be assign to prosecute the case. The charges that will be brought by the Police against Maryam and how the police prosecution team will handle the case at the court that is if Maryam will at all be arraigned will determine the strength and veracity of this report while at the appropriate time and depending on how justice is being pursued by the authorities, DESERT HERALD will release the two recorded audios for Nigerians to judge.

But there are some nagging questions that are still unanswered and remains confusing to those that can read between the lines. Why is the family of the deceased precisely his influential father, Bello Halliru Mohammed silent despite being aware about the moves and intrigues by the likes of Maryam's mother to frustrate the case and to ensure that there is no justice? Why is Ibrahim's parent silent despite knowing very well that Maryam and including her mother are not remorseful at all nor are they mourning the demise of their child? All this information are open secret to all the family members of Halliru and Maimuna, the mother of the killer. Certainly, Dr. Bello Halliru should be learned enough Islamic wise to know that NOBODY not even him as the father of the deceased or his wife, the mother of Iate Ibrahim has the power to forgive a deliberate and well intended murder. Allah has already taken decision about those that engages in such acts in the holy Qur'an. The police should also beware that anybody that conspired deliberately to prevent justice in a clear case of murder because of money that will terminate in this temporary world will certainly meet the wrath of Allah in this world and hereafter. One wonders the type of excuse that will be given for a murderer that stabbed her husband three times and went ahead to inflict severe cuts on his private parts. Is the excuse of acting under the influence of drugs tenable in our corrupt justice system? In Nigeria everything is possible!

OOCORP News: Wife Stabbed Her Husband To Death in Abuja: The Federal Capital Territory Police Command has obtained CCTV footage showing the last moments of Bilyaminu Bello, the son of a former Peo...

Monday, November 20, 2017

Wife Stabbed Her Husband To Death in Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command has obtained CCTV footage showing the last moments of Bilyaminu Bello, the son of a former Peoples Democratic Party chairman who was allegedly killed by his wife, Maryam Sanda.

Our correspondent had reported that Bello was stabbed to death by his wife over allegations of infidelity after she read a text message on his phone.

It was learnt that Bello was rejected by two hospitals before he was finally pronounced dead.
An impeccable police source said the police recovered the CCTV footage of their residence.

“We have been able to obtain the footage and it shows the suspect and three private security guards conveying him unto a vehicle from where he was rushed to a hospital,” he said.

Our correspondent gathered that the security guards had been arrested by the police.

The Federal Capital Territory police spokesman, Anjuguri Manzah, said more suspects had been apprehended.

He said, “I know that some suspects have been arrested, but I don’t know their identity. I can’t confirm that the CCTV footage has been obtained, but it may be part of evidence gathering to assist in investigation.”

Meanwhile, a family friend of the victim, Habib Gajam, has alleged that Sanda threatened to cut off her husband’s private parts during a quarrel hours before she allegedly stabbed him to death.

The family friend said in a series of tweets on Twitter that he witnessed the violent quarrel during which the mother of one attempted to stab her husband while demanding a divorce.

Gajam explained that Bello’s friend, one Aliero, who was also present during the scuffle, prevented Sanda from stabbing the deceased.

He said, “At about 9 to 10pm on Saturday, tension started to build up between Bilyaminu (Bello) and his wife, Maryam (Sanda) at his residence.

“Maryam demanded a divorce with the threat of cutting off his manhood. Aliero, Bilyaminu’s friend in whose presence the drama started, intervened four times to stop Maryam from stabbing her husband.”

The witness explained that Ibrahim later called Bello’s uncle, identified as Auta and one Abba, the victim’s cousin, to prevail on her.

He said after some time, Sanda broke a bottle and attempted to stab her husband, but he reportedly struggled to take it from her, injuring himself in the process.

“After short calm, Maryam (Sanda) broke a bottle of groundnut and attempted to stab Bilyaminu (Bello) again, but this time, he held both her hands and struggled to take the bottle from her, injuring himself in the process….unrelenting and wild, she bit his finger.

“Uncle Auta had arrived at this time to calm the situation. They both committed to uncle Auta to let go of their grievances, at least for the night.

“After the situation had become calm, Bilyaminu and his friend went to a pharmacy to get his hand treated from the bite he sustained from Maryam,” he added.

Gajam explained that Bello and Ibrahim later went to withdraw money from an ATM for the repair of Sanda’s damaged car, noting that by the time they got back home around 11pm, everywhere was calm.

Abba and Ibrahim left for their homes around midnight, he said.

“When Bilyaminu (Bello) was seeing them off, he told Ibrahim that ‘I don’t want to go back until she’s asleep.’

“At around 2pm on Sunday, family members were summoned to Maitama Hospital, where Bilyaminu was lying in a pool of blood with multiple stabs on his chest, shoulder, a deep cut on his inner thigh, and many bite wounds on his stomach,” he added.

Gajam claimed that Sanda confessed to stabbing her husband to the hospital management, but added that she changed the story when she was directed to write a statement at the Maitama Police Station.

He said, “The police commissioner instructed that the crime scene should be visited. To the amasement of Abba and Ibrahim, who were key witnesses in the investigation, the bloodstains had been mopped up, murder weapon disappeared, but flower vases and pots were broken to corroborate Maryam’s earlier statement at the station.”

Gajam said Bello, who divorced his first wife to marry Sanda, did not deserve to be murdered.